About Benefit Advance

About Benefit Advance™ by Veris Settlement Partners

Benefit Advance™ is an exclusive product available only through Veris Settlement Partners.
Veris Settlement Partners is the recognized industry leader. Here’s why:

Unmatched Life Insurance Experience…

Unmatched Life insurance experience in individual and group insurance, corporate-owned life insurance, executive benefit planning and advanced estate planning.

Commitment to “Best Practices”

Veris insists on the best approaches to consumer protection, privacy and efficiency, far exceeding the minimum requirements in any jurisdiction.

Disclosure and Transparency

Everything is spelled out upfront in written agreements explaining positives and negatives associated with life settlements, compensation disclosure and impact on benefits and future insurability.

Due Diligence…

Veris conducts an extensive due diligence process to make certain that all policy holders are protected at every step of the life settlement process.


Benefit Advance is the consumer marketing division of Veris Settlement Partners. Benefit Advance may share your information and work with non-affiliated third parties to evaluate or qualify your life insurance policies, or as required or permitted by law.