Life Insurance is a Valuable Asset


And it’s a lot more flexible than you may realize.

Life insurance is a wonderful product, designed to protect your spouse and your children while they grow. But at a certain point in your life, when your children have grown, that asset you own might be better used to secure your retirement and help meet your expenses. That’s where a Benefit Advance come in. Benefit Advance will yield on average, four times as much cash for you compared to surrendering your policy to the insurance company.

Think of it as getting your premiums back…with interest! How much is my policy worth? 

“You are to be thanked by all my family for making this time a little better for all of them and allowing me to see the results…It is a privilege having you on my side!”

– Richard L.

How a Benefit Advance Works:

It’s an easy procedure and we’ll help you every step of the way.


  • Contact Benefit Advance. Call us or fill out the simple information form on this website.
    We’ll answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • Find out if your life insurance policy qualifies and how much cash you can expect.
  • Receive your cash


Benefit Advance may share your information and work with non-affiliated third parties to evaluate or qualify your life insurance policies, or as required or permitted by law.